@Natureshadow Just like me, except I mapped my neighbours and left my home unmapped, so it wouldn’t be so obvious where I live 😂

When you don't post your home address online, but are a known @openstreetmap@twitter.com contributor 😂.

I am really hyped about the Web monetization protocol implemented by Coil which if successiful would make ads and tracking on the internet unnecessary even from the creator/host perspective!

The proposed standard can be found here: webmonetization.org

@wizzwizz4 Yes! That's an option I should research a bit more.

Current https is implemented by generally trusted root certificate providers and the search could take example from there and let the user add the organization (or multiple?) they trust as trusted search network verifiers.

@wizzwizz4 I haven't planned that much yet, preferrably by signing the container images somehow so it will be visible to the user who last signed the code.

But I don't know how to implement that so another option is to take example from folding@home by either installing the search server remotely.

Requirement to add ssh keys of the search network maintainer could also work. That would allow checking the instance automatically for tampering

I think banning misbehaving instances is too late

@wizzwizz4 I know yacy, it can share index, but there's nothing controlling the it. Every instance of yacy is independent and doing something that the instance thinks is necessary, therefore multiple instances have likely crawled the same websites and this is really waste of resources.

There definitely exists need for yacy, but I think there exists need for a distributed search where every instance is actually doing the work together. This also means they'd depend on each other

@simon I think there’s enough people interested in this topic that it could be reasonable to try and create a true ”libre” search engine.

I have been thinking of ways to split the index among multiple hosts and then just provide a lookup table of host ip addresses with the information of what part of the index is hosted on which servers

It would be really big project, but I think it could get enough support to be doable 🤔

I think it would be more popular if it was somewhat trendy, had nice hardware and every setting were in gui, but this is probably a topic which has been discussed many times already and therefore not that interesting to others

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I wrote this on yt comments but thought it might be interesting to share:

Linux is often way easier for the normal end user. Extremely rare driver issues, security from package managers, robust browsers, intuitive desktop environments and long term support distros with no forced updates. What else could an average end user hope for? Some Windows software even runs on linux using Wine, so in theory there is more quality software available than on Windows.

Mielenkiintoista nähdä kuinka heidän kustomoitu android versio menestyy, kun ainakin jokin vuosi sitten lineageos:n kaltainen ”puhdas” android oli se tavoiteltu versio androidista, eikä vahvasti kustomoitu

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Mulla oli täsmälleen tää sama idea, joku näköjää lähteny yrittää luomaa ekosysteemii linuxille: e.foundation

(tosin ite oisin luonu osuuskunnan enkä säätiötä, sisällyttäny onlyofficen kuukausimaksuun, vaihtanu rainloopin sogoon ja bundlannu invite only mastodonin, pixelfedin ja ehkä matrixin samaan)

Tuon menestyminen vaatis noilta muutamia muutoksia, niillä on aika heikot kaupalliset edellytykset (vain lahjotukset tuloina), ja wordpress elementor ei vakuuta 🥴

@nextcloud There are small things slowing down complete transition to Nextcloud. I know I am a edge case but my 1500 GB photo collection is just too slow to load even from my 8core 16gb ram server with zfs storage. And I did try to resize the thumbnails twice.

But Nextcloud is great when you don’t have to handle mass data. And the Onlyoffice integration is really nice.

@laura Every website should replace recaptcha with hcaptcha

“Select all images with parking meters”. How am I supposed to know what a US parking meter looks like?!

Stop using this imperialist Google CAPTCHA spyware on your websites!

It's a sad situation that it's so difficult to set up self-owned online services. It's taken me weeks to set up my own code hosting platform, working on it in my free time. Similarly with my fediverse instance, and before that my Nextcloud setup.

I have a lot more tech experience than the average person, plus the privilege of having free time to do all this, and I've still found it difficult. So it's practically unachievable for the majority of people.

This is what keeps people locked within surveillance capitalism.

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