I think it would be more popular if it was somewhat trendy, had nice hardware and every setting were in gui, but this is probably a topic which has been discussed many times already and therefore not that interesting to others

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I wrote this on yt comments but thought it might be interesting to share:

Linux is often way easier for the normal end user. Extremely rare driver issues, security from package managers, robust browsers, intuitive desktop environments and long term support distros with no forced updates. What else could an average end user hope for? Some Windows software even runs on linux using Wine, so in theory there is more quality software available than on Windows.

Mielenkiintoista nähdä kuinka heidän kustomoitu android versio menestyy, kun ainakin jokin vuosi sitten lineageos:n kaltainen ”puhdas” android oli se tavoiteltu versio androidista, eikä vahvasti kustomoitu

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Mulla oli täsmälleen tää sama idea, joku näköjää lähteny yrittää luomaa ekosysteemii linuxille: e.foundation

(tosin ite oisin luonu osuuskunnan enkä säätiötä, sisällyttäny onlyofficen kuukausimaksuun, vaihtanu rainloopin sogoon ja bundlannu invite only mastodonin, pixelfedin ja ehkä matrixin samaan)

Tuon menestyminen vaatis noilta muutamia muutoksia, niillä on aika heikot kaupalliset edellytykset (vain lahjotukset tuloina), ja wordpress elementor ei vakuuta 🥴

@nextcloud There are small things slowing down complete transition to Nextcloud. I know I am a edge case but my 1500 GB photo collection is just too slow to load even from my 8core 16gb ram server with zfs storage. And I did try to resize the thumbnails twice.

But Nextcloud is great when you don’t have to handle mass data. And the Onlyoffice integration is really nice.

@laura Every website should replace recaptcha with hcaptcha

“Select all images with parking meters”. How am I supposed to know what a US parking meter looks like?!

Stop using this imperialist Google CAPTCHA spyware on your websites!

It's a sad situation that it's so difficult to set up self-owned online services. It's taken me weeks to set up my own code hosting platform, working on it in my free time. Similarly with my fediverse instance, and before that my Nextcloud setup.

I have a lot more tech experience than the average person, plus the privilege of having free time to do all this, and I've still found it difficult. So it's practically unachievable for the majority of people.

This is what keeps people locked within surveillance capitalism.

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @FuckOffGoogle

Hate towards Google doesn’t solve anything, they are just doing their business. The hate should be towards the people who decided to switch to Google services.

I don’t really know anything about this case, so I’m sorry if I have guessed the situation wrong or misunderstood something.

@FuckOffGoogleZurich @FuckOffGoogle

In Finland most of the schools have similar situations with Microsoft services. As far as I have understood here Microsoft prices their services under costs to hook everyone in MS Office ecosystem, therefore I can understand your opinions against GSuite.

In my opinion there should be an active movement towards promoting ”libre” alternatives instead of hate. For example list of alternatives and calculations for likely costs.

@Gargron I have seen so many low quality and therefore unreadable translations. I once had a client project where I had to fix machine translation from English to Finnish, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even guess the meaning of all sentenges, because of wrong synonyms and/or incorrect declensions. More common language pairs may be fine with machine translation, but I think blanks/outdated parts should just display English 🤔

So for anyone who wasn't following, Google pressured a bunch of #fediverse app developers to do an impossible thing and in the end they had to delete their app off the Play Store

Here is a good synopsis by @SubwayTooter

A case where #OpenStreetMap is more up to date than the official sources. 

Recently, I came across an OpenStreetMap changeset [0] with "Review requested" tag. The change was addition of a bus route relation [1] in Istanbul, by Alikam [2].

I navigated to IETT's (the governing body of Istanbul's transport network) website [3] to cross reference the route maps. I noticed that there were some minor differences between the route on IETT's website and Alikam's version on OSM. The route wasn't following the exact roads. This wasn't a major issue but I still commented on the changeset, mentioning discrepancies between the two versions. Alikam, who's an urban planning student and OSM contributor with a priority on transport network by the way, wrote back a few hours later to tell that the major junction at that point had been rebuilt as part of the construction of a new underground line. Apparently due to that major change in the highway infrastructure, the bus route have been changed as well. But as of this writing, IETT haven't updated their website to reflect the relevant changes. Meanwhile, thanks to Alikam and all the contributors like them, OpenStreetMap is more up to date than the official source for Istanbul's transport network.

This wasn't a major issue, but it makes one think if there are other cases where people rely on the official/private/closed data and left stranded or were late to a very important meeting (I'll give you a clue, answer is yes).

So kudos to Alikam and all those great contributors of this wonderful open community.

#openstreetmap #osm

[0]: osmcha.org/changesets/90790906
[1]: openstreetmap.org/relation/116
[2]: openstreetmap.org/user/Alikam
[3]: ttm.sh/dI8

But it is somewhat understandable, because I am doing this platform switching so rapidly and if I’m the only one using for example mastodon, there is little to no reason for others to follow/switch to that seemingly random (but less proprietary) platform

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Tomorrow I have to convince the board of a computer science student association to switch from microsoft sharepoint to nextcloud. I’m quite scared. In general, people do not seem to understand why privacy and freedom matters. I have already experienced many comments like ”how can we be on touch anymore when you are not on {insert facebook owned platform}”

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